Projects linked to WISE Power:

CrowdFundRES – The project contributes to the acceleration of the renewable energy growth in Europe through the crowdfunding system

REScoop 2020 – Renewable Energy Sources COOPeratives 20-20-20

Community Power – for people’s ownership of renewable energy

GPWind – Good Practice Wind

Wind Barriers – Administrative and grid access barriers to wind power

IEA Wind Task 28 – Social Acceptance of Wind Energy Projects

Relevant sources:

The Community and Renewable Energy Schemes: Overview of Support, The Scotish Government, Edinburgh, August 2014,@ Crown Copyright 2014,

ISBN: 978-1-78412-756-5

Wind Farms Community Engagement Good Practice Review, Dr Mhairi Aitken, Dr Claire Haggett & Dr David Rudolph, University of Edinburgh, August 2014

The University of Edinburgh and ClimateXChange has undertaken research into good practice on community engagement wind farms, published in August 2014. Its main focus is on engagement carried out by wind farm developers with communities. The research evaluates current good practice for engaging people in decision making about on and offshore wind farms looking at a mix of methods used in European countries.

Wind Energy as lever for local development in pheripheral regions, December 2012, Version 03, Made by Kasper Brejnholt Bak

Best Practice for Community Engagement and Public Consultation, Canadian Wind Energy Association

Community Engagement for Onshore Wind Developments: Best Practice Guidance for England, October 2014, prepared by Regen SW for the Department of Energy and Climate Change

Scottish Government Good Practice Principles for Community Benefits from Onshore Renewable Energy Developments, April 2014, Local Energy Scotland

Community and Renewable Energy Scheme Project Development Toolkit, May 2014, Local Energy Scotland and Ricardo-AEA Ltd

National Standards for Community Engagement, Communities Scotland

Shared Ownership Taskforce: Report to DECC, October 2014

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