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New! WE Engage Toolkit, now available in 5 additional languages, presented at the Committee of the Regions, 17 November 2016!

The WISE Power project which came to an end on 31 October 2016 has developed an innovative and interactive toolkit for engaging with stakeholders in order to deliver meaningful social engagement strategies in relation to onshore wind farms. The toolkit has been split into user groups – developers, transmission network operators, communities, local authorities and other stakeholders can use the tool in the way best suited to specific needs. The toolkit builds equally on a bank of case studies from across Europe, showing good practice and learning points from real life experience.

Initially developed in English, the toolkit is available in 5 other languages since October 2016: French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Croatian, available at www.we-engage.eu

Moreover, in order to ensure the toolkit sustainability, the We Engage toolkit was presented during a side panel on Local and Regional Policy Options for Sustainable innovation and development – as a showcase model of good practice for public engagement at local level by Zoran Kordic from UNDP Croatia, associated partner in the project.

The panel was organized within the High Level Policy discussion on public engagement for research, practice and policy at Committee of Regions in Brussels, on November 17. This policy conference focused on best public engagement and sustainable innovation practices and identified common priorities on how to stimulate societal engagement for sustainable innovation activities in the European Union.

More info on the conference: http://www.casi2020.eu/casi-policy-conference-2016/

29.09.2016 Bürgerwindpark Südliche Ortenau wins the Best Community Award Project !

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Soziale Akzeptanz in Europa stärken / Das EU-Projekt WISE Power entwickelt Strategien, um die Akzeptanz für Onshore-Wind zu steigern

Onshore-Wind: Soziale Akzeptanz in Europa stärken / Das EU-Projekt WISE Power entwickelt Strategien, um die Akzeptanz für Onshore-Wind zu steigern

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Soziale Akzeptanz in Europa stärken / Das EU-Projekt WISE Power entwickelt Strategien, um die Akzeptanz für Onshore-Wind zu steigern

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Soziale Akzeptanz für Onshore-Wind in Europa stärken